ENHANCED - A Cyberpunk Graphic Novel

Created by Simone Masina / ENHANCED

Are you a Edgerunners & Ghost in the Shell Fan? ENHANCED is for you! A 80+ Full Color Book of Exciting Action Scenes, Epic Storylines and Stunning Artwork Printed on top-quality paper and embellished with UV Soft Touch Cover, ArtBook included. Soft, Hard, and Limited Edition Variant Covers available.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

WE TOTALLY SMASHED IT! Over $41K raised with your help 🙏 Very IMPORTANT updates, PLEASE READ!
7 months ago – Fri, Nov 18, 2022 at 02:05:49 PM

We can’t thank you enough for all of your love and support! We are  excited to announce that we have raised over 41000$ from 1113 of our beloved backers. We're just 3 dreamers, and thanks to you guys we became one of the most funded comic book of the year.

Now What’s Next? Steps 1-2-3

We know some of you are very experienced with Kickstarter, but we are  also aware we have many first-time backers with us, and we would like  to let you know the next 3 steps of the process.

1. Payments

Kickstarter will now process your payment. This can take up to 10-14  days for the payments to be processed. We don't have any control over  this process as it will be in the hands of the Kickstarter platform. So  please be patient! 

FAQ: What happens if my payment failed?

Kickstarter will email you with steps on what to do and will try to charge your pledge to the credit card you have entered. We know some of you have run into some problems, so Kickstarter will try again in the coming days. In most cases the problem is about the "two-factors authorization". Simply try to pay more attention to your bank’s messages in the coming days. Or this can  happen if your card has expired or the payment has been flagged as fraud, these are some solutions that can help:

  • Check to see if you are logged into your Kickstarter account
  • Try using another card if you are having issues with the first one
  • Contacting your bank to resolve issues with your card

Follow the steps Kickstarter advises, and they will re-charge your card in a few days. If the problem persist, email [email protected]. If it that doesn't work, message us, will try to help and fix 

2. Pledge Manager

In the next month or so, we will email you a link to our Pledge Manager and instructions on how to use the Pledge Manager. Don't easy!

It will be on website where you will be able to login and manage your pledge to ENHANCED. This will allow you to:

  • Enter your shipping address + phone number + additional info (languages, etc...)
  •  Add additional items, including multiple copies of the book and add-ons, to your pledge.
  • Pay the remaining balance

3. Complete Enhanced Vol.1

From today, we will work hard to make ENHANCED as badass as possible. We have to refine the script, design and color the extra chapters unlocked through stretch goals, supervise and control it all. As usual, most of this process will be shared within our Private CyberClub on Facebook. If you are not yet part of it, you are welcome to join! 

Join our Exclusive CyberClub HERE

Mirka Andolfo's Variant is out!


Our Andrea made by one of the best women's comic strip illustrators in the world.

Let us say that Mirka has been working nonstop to finish her variant, squeezing in between her commitments to Lucca Comics & Games and Tokyo Comic Con (she's s a real comics super star, in fact) But she fell in love with ENHANCED and wanted at all costs to complete this masterpiece before the end of the campaign. 

If you have not pledged it, but want it now( and given how gorgeous it is it would be more than understandable), no problem. You will be able to add it shortly within your pledge manager. Remember that it is a limited run, so there are not many copies left available. 


You've missed the deadline? No problem. We open our Pre-Order store, where you will find the most requested rewards of our incredible campaign. 

Visit our Pre-Order Store HERE

Thank you so much once again and until next update!

Simone, Stefano, Barbara & Mattia


Project we love 

(and there is still time for you to support!!!)

Killtopia #1-5: The Final Chapter 

 Killtopia really needs no introduction. One of the most intriguing, raw, badass independent cyberpunk comics. As a big fan of theirs, it is our honor to share their campaign here. Killtopia is currently being adapted for television by Voltaku Studios, with Love, Death + Robots writer Philip Gelatt. You still have few days to order your copy of this iconic book, don't wait anymore. 

Check Killtopia HERE 

ARKS ISSUE FOUR: The Groundbreaking Science Fiction Comic

Only Top Class Player here. Arks is a ground-breaking horror saga from UK, with stunning art works and a cool  plot. The story is about of two planetary engineers, Joseph and Lilith, who are booted by bacteria onto a terraformed world orbiting a distant star. To their horror they discover that the process may have accidentally turned the entire planet into a bomb. Wow. They're doing very good on KS, so we really suggest you to check their campaign HERE

#30K Goal UNLOCKED #2 Collectors EPIC Items DROP #New FREE UV Cover UNLOCKED...and STRETCH GOALS UP TO 40K!!!
7 months ago – Mon, Nov 14, 2022 at 06:23:08 AM

Hey CyberLovers,

Less than 7 days until the end of this stunning journey with YOU! Because of your support, we crossed the crazy 30K threshold. W-O-W! Let's RECAP:

What you have achieved 

Let us remind you that each backer got an extra chapter of the story and the embossed UV Cover for free ( you got it right, no extra cost...we gift it to you!). 

Ok? Let's take a look together at what's new!

As of today, there are two amazing and unique items available as Add-ons:

Both of these unique items  are available as add-ons, so:

- Enter your reward menu.

- Confirm your reward

- Choose and add your Unique Item (Sketchbook or Painting)

- Confirm everything


If you have any questions, we are here to reply, as always!

From today, let's go to reach and unlock the brand new 35K and 40K Stretch Goals (will be revealed in the next few days) 

Go Go Go!!!

Simone, Stefano & Barbara

New Stretch Goals Revealed and New Add-ons and Rewards Unlocked (Hard Cover Option Available!)
7 months ago – Thu, Nov 10, 2022 at 09:30:16 AM

Dear Backers,

Due to the incredible 5-day achievement (18k), we' re excited to show you what's newly available.

Hard Cover Option (you can upgrade your pledge from soft to cover)

Sybilla Dust Jacket (fit any kind of soft, hard or variant cover)

The Collector's Reward "The Boss of Nu-Tokyo" (with exclusive and signed book and items) that allow you to get everything at a super discounted price

Want to add something or make a change? It's so easy!

New Stretch Goals added! 

Did you guys know we have an Exclusive Kickstarter Facebook Group perfect for questions, threads and full of previews? 

Click to Join our Private Facebook Group

Join the Club Here

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Funded in 30 minutes, 400% in 24hours, "Project We Love" badge acquired + choose the unlocked goals!
7 months ago – Thu, Nov 10, 2022 at 09:30:08 AM

Greeting ENHANCED Community!

What can we say? Thank you so much for your support at the start of this amazing adventure!

Since all the targets were reached in less than 8 hours, next week we'll reveal the new add-ons and rewards.

Furthermore, new (and very ambitious) stretch goals will be revealed.

We love to consider this results just the beginning, there are still 27 days to go, so please spread the word!

 POLL ALERT! Vote for your next add-on

BTW, we have a poll running in our ENHANCED Kickstarter CyberClub facebook group! To let us know your preferences on which add-ons you would like to see available, please join in!

Join the ENHANCED Kickstarter CyberClub Facebook Group HERE

With love,

Simone, Stefano & Barbara

#20K Free Gift UNLOCKED #Cashback #New Cinematic Opening + Facebook Live announcement!
7 months ago – Thu, Nov 10, 2022 at 09:29:51 AM

Hello CyberBackers!

As we approach the 25k milestone (TBH my favorite stretch goal to unlock, the UV cover for both versions, Soft and Hard) we are really excited to announce that:

20k Stretch Goal UNLOCKED!

The first in the new Stretch Goals series has been unlocked, and each physical Backer will receive Andrea & Heather's exclusive custom sticker as a thank-you gift (Hey...Stefano & Barbara made it just for you!). Do you backed our Digital Reward? Trust us, go Physical...we are working hard to create a Killer Kickstarter Edition!

LIVE Q&A - Kickstarter Facebook CyberGroup 

I will be available to you LIVE on Thursday, November 3 at 9PM Central European Time ( 12PM Pacific Time / 3PM Eastern Time / 8PM UK time) in our Facebook Kickstarter Private CyberGroup

Join our Facebook Private Group HERE

We can talk about the rewards, the comic, what our approach to creating ENHANCED is like, and so on. Any questions will be welcome. Can't you be online live with me? Please reply to this update with your questions, I will try to answer everyone during the live!

Share ENHANCED and Earn Money! 

Our campaign is affiliated with KICKBOOSTER. What does this means? That if you are a Kickbooster subscriber, you can share Enhanced's campaign and earn honest and good commissions (20%!) every time a new backer comes through because of you. You will earn new rewards through reaching Stretch Goals and get paid in the process. Sounds good, doesn't it? Subscribe to KB is super easy. We look forward to rewarding your word of mouth and help! Click HERE to reach our KickBooster page

New Cinematic Opening Trailer

Why is it only TV shows that have opening theme songs? We wanted it too, and we got it!

Let us know if you guys like it!

Project We Love

There are a couple of amazing campaigns that will be ending soon and that we can't avoid pointing out!

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Stay Safe & See you on the CyberNet